Jen Williams


STR: 1 AGL: 2 FGT: 2 AWE: 3
STA: 2 DEX: 6 INT: 1 PRE: 2


Dodge: 4 Parry: 2 Fortitude: 5 Toughness: 2 Will: 5
Initiative: +2


Acrobatics: +6
Athletics: +6
Close Combat: +4 (Tonfa)
Deception: +2
Expertise (Police Officer): +4
Insight: +6
Intimidation: +6
Investigation: +5
Perception: +8
Persuasion: +2
Ranged Combat (Guns): +8
Stealth: +2
Vehicles: +8


Attractive 2, Contacts, Diehard, Evasion 2, Fearless, Improved Aim, Improved Critical 2 (Guns), Improved Disarm, Quick Draw, Teamwork, Tracking, Well-informed, Equipment 6


Cellphone (Smartphone), Flashlight, Handcuffs, Tonfa +3, Heavy Pistol +4, Sniper Rifle +5, Bulletproof Vest +4.


Heightened Sight: Sense 7
Accurate (Sight, Acute (Sight), Danger Sense (Sight), Extended Sight 3: 1,000ft

Trick Shots 30 (Extended Range: 800/1600/3200)
Burst Shot: Ranged Damage +4, Burst 60ft, Selective
Extended Snipe: Ranged Damage +4, Accurate +4, Precise, Extended Range (3200/6400/12800)
Ghost Shot: Ranged Damage +4, Affects Insubstantial: Full Ranks, Dimensional: Any
Homing Shot: Ranged Damage +4, Homing: 5 extra attempts
Penetrating Shot: Ranged Damage +4, Penetrating 5
Rapid Fire: Ranged Damage +4, Multiattack
Ricocheting Shot: Ranged Damage +4 Ricochet 5
Tranquilizer: Affliction 5: Progressive, DC15, Range: 500/1000/2000, Subtle, 1st: Fatigued, 2nd: Exhausted, 3rd: Asleep.


Motivation (Justice): After Jen’s parents were killed by Kane and Lynch, Jen vowed to avenge her parents and bring the scum of High River to justice.
Responsibility: As a police officer, Jen has a responsibility to her job and all it stands for.
Relationship: Mark Williams, Jen’s husband.


Maiden Name: Jen Murphy
Birthday: April 3, 1984 (28 years old)
Blood Type: A-
Weight: 145 pounds (65.7 kilograms)
Height: 5’4" (162.5 centimeters)
Parents: Kevin Murphy (Father|Deceased), Donna Murphy (Mother|Deceased)

Corporal Jen Williams joined the police force shortly after graduating college, with her degree in Criminal Justice. Jen wanted to join the police force because her parents were killed by a young Kane and Lynch. She became focused on avenging her parents, and bringing justice to Kane and Lynch. She was one of the top marksmen in the academy and earned the nickname “Ace” after putting a bullet through the middle of an Ace of Hearts with her pistol at 100 yards. After graduating from the Police Academy, Jen became an accomplished police officer. After four years of service, Jen was promoted to Corporal and is now a senior officer.

After a long day of work, Jen went to the local bar to unwind. Here she met her future husband, Mark Williams. Mark is a technology specialist at Advanced Global Technologies. The two fell in love and have been married for less than a year now. They are still very much in the “honeymoon” phase, and Jen will often visit Mark at AGT. She is a common face around the halls, and most of the scientists know her.

Jen Williams

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