Liz Carmichael


STR: 3 AGL: 3 FGT: 3 AWE: 1
STA: 2 DEX: 2 INT: 0 PRE: 0

Dodge: 3, Parry: 3, Fortitude: 2, Toughness: 2, Will: 1

Initiative +5

Close attack 4
Great Endurance
Improvised Weapon 2
Favored Environment (Urban)
Improvised Aim
Improvised Initiative
Evasive 2

Acrobatics 6
Athletics 8
Close Combat: Unarmed 8
Deception 2
Intimidation 2
Investigation 2
Perception 6
Sleight of Hand 2

Parkour : Movement 7 — Wall-crawling 1, environmental adaptation (urban) 1, safe fall 3,
sure-footed 2
Electrically Enhanced Jump : Leaping 6 (electric shock-wave)
Electro-kinetic Combat : Strength Based Damage 3 (punch and kick)
Electric Breath : Damage (breath) 3 (area – cone, increased range)
Electrical Healing : Healing 2 (stabilize)
Technology Manipulation : Nullify (Technology) 3
Passive Electro-reception : Sense Detect (bio-electric fields in living things) 2 (noticeable –
slight electrical emission from head)
Seizure: Perception Ranged Affliction 4 (resisted and overcome by Will, entranced, stunned, and

Motivation: Thrill — Liz loves the thrill feeling and the excitement.
Relationship — Liz is loyal and very close to her Parkour gang, Strike Force.
Rivalry — Her and Bradley Powers are complete opposites and do not like each other very much due to there different views.
Addiction — Finds a rush in absorbing and recharging her electrical powers.
Recharge — Must recharge her powers every so often.


Name: Elizabeth “Liz” Carmichael
Birthday: April 13, 1995 (17 years old)
Blood Type: O-
Weight: 135 lbs
Height: 5’4"
Parents: Joseph Carmichael (Father/unemployed), Chloe Saunders (Mother/Principle of HS)

Liz is a student at High River High School. She is a junior at the school, but rarely shows up due to her involvement in the local Parkour gang, Strike Force, even with her mother being the principle of the school. This gang is responsible for vandalizing and stealing from many large, high security places around the city, then quickly escaping. Liz is the youngest member of this gang, being the only high schooler. Liz lives with her dad in the city, but is usually not there once again due to her involvement with Strike Force. Liz is very close with her gang, calling them more of a family then her mom and dad.

One day, Strike Force decides to strike Advanced Global Technologies. Before they get to do any damage, they get caught by security and escape…except for Liz. Liz is brought to the police station and is told she must do community service for her involvement in what went on. She offered to be a test subject as her community service and she was approved.

Liz Carmichael

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