Mary Francis Kabel


Str: 1
Sta: 1
Agl: 2
Dex: 7
Fgt: 1
Int: 4
Awe: 2
Prs: -1

Initiative: 10
Uber Wrench (melee/ranged) 4/8(Dmg 6/Dmg 8) crit 16-20
Unarmed/Improvised Weapons (melee) +4(Dmg 1/2) crit 16-20
Thrown Objects (ranged, duh) +8(Dmg 4) crit 20
Heavy Pistol (ranged, also duh) +7(Dmg 4) crit 20

Dodge: 2
Parry: 1
Fort: 1
Tough: 4
Will: 2

Powers & Devices
__Quickness 6 (limited to building/creating/repairing)
__Move Object 6 (precise, damaging, metal and creations only)
Uber Wrench
__Easily removable
__+4 Damage
__Teleport back to hand after throw or drop or whatever
__Create metal 8 (precise, innate, impervious, continuous, subtle)

Favored Environment: Road
Favored Foe: Other Truck Drivers
Skill Mastery: Vehicles
Minion: see below
Equipment 5: see below
Improved Crit 4: unarmed, melee improvised weapons, wrench)
Improvised Weapon
Throwing Mastery 3
Improved Initiative 2
Defensive Roll 2

Minion: Jenkins
Pretty useful to have around… especially because he’s good at singing. Kind of lazy. Also kind of a coward. Probably would do him good to read Man-Spider comics.
variable: mundane items and stuff
vehicles: 4
intellect: 2
singing: 2

cell phone
sword (decorative, but real!)
heavy pistol
leather jacket

__Acrobatics: 2 agl + 3 rank = 5
__Athletics 7 dex + 3 rank = 10
__Close Combat(unarmed or imp. weapons) 1 fgt + 3 rank = 4
Truck driving boss
__Vehicles: 7 dex + 10 rank = 17
__Ranged Combat(thrown objects): 7 dex + 1 rank = 8
Technomancing skillz
__Engineering: 4 int + 8 rank = 12
__Technology: 4 int + 8 rank = 12

-Phobia (Social Situations): And crowds, those suck. And what about those awkward silences that happen sometimes!

-Enemy/Rivalry (Lizard Tail aka The Rival aka total asshole): He always gets the better routes, and he gets to drive his cool black truck all the time, and he’s better at social situations, and he was always picking on Francis in High School, he speeds and drives dangerous and almost never gets caught and he doesn’t wake up under refrigerators, AND he’s always playing as the Demo-man on the blu team whenever Francis is playing Engineer on the red team!
He’s the asshole at 0:34, 3:20, and 6:11

-Temper (Road Rage, bullies): Eh, this is probably one of the reasons people like the Rival better.

-Bad childhood memories: So Francis wasn’t the most popular kid, and so maybe he was bullied and got beat up a lot even after he started taking martial arts, and what kind of sadistic mother names her male son Mary. Was it so necessary to give the worst name ever just for the amusement of having a child named Mary Kay.

-Addiction (The best coffee Francis has ever tasted): Must be coffee-bot quality or better.

-Relationship (Jenkins): So they’re friends I guess. Jenkins has the amazing ability of being both a very useful associate and a lazy coward with sucky luck, so someone apart from himself has to look after him once in a while.

-Responsibility: Truck driver. Man’s gotta make a living, although he may pursue other work with his new found powers. Not sure about that yet.


Francis (Full name Mary Francis Kabel) is pretty bad-ass. He’s moderately pro at Team Fortress 2. He’s a professional truck driver and hopes to someday make it as a professional stunt driver. Chances are by the time he gets there, his Rival, the Rival, will already be a famous stunt driver, but whatevs. Also, he’s a fan of coffee. He did martial arts for a few years. He even has a nifty sword that he’s trained with probably twice in his life, but hey, cool sword, and always good to have on hand to look cool. Despite having a depressing child hood, he has Jenkins and Man-Spider to encourage and inspire him. He has every copy of the Man-Spider comic book series to date! Whenever he is feeling down or doesn’t know what to do, he just thinks, “What would Man-Spider do?”

Look, he’s on a shirt!

Mary Francis Kabel

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