“Breaking News from the AGT building, we go to Sirena Southwick who is at the scene”- Rick Reding

“I’m overlooking the AGT facility from our news 9 helicopter, and i can’t believe what I am seeing Rick! The whole facility, windows and doors are locked down, it appears to be some sort of security measure… wait I see something now, something, no wait someone is ripping through the steel doors covering the entrance to the building, Jim get a close up of this… wait get down!” – Sirena Southwick

[While zooming in, the figure launched something from a wierd looking gun, its coming right at the camera, the feed is lost]

“Oh My… [cough] it seems like we are experiencing some technical difficulties… There seems to be a terrorist attack on the AGT facility, and there are from what I am told a lot of victims in the building… I hear our news van has reach the attack site… Skye can you see what going on? Can you see the news 9 helicopter?” – Rick Reding

“I… We… there is no sign of the helicopter…” – Skye Styles

[explosion off screen, camera is dropped and fumbled back up, screaming in background]

“There was… just… some kind… of explosion… coming from inside the building, look at that… a second layer of protective plating is covering the building… and what looks like bio hazard sirens are going off.. if you are in the area, please be advised to stay indoors… and… what is that?…” – Skye Styles

[camera pans to the side of the building where a pillar of flame burst through the steel walls]

“Get down!!!” – Skye Styles

[camera crashes to ground to avoid a chunk of molten metal]


Welcome to Advanced Global Technologies High River, North Carolina

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